Airflow Sciences Equipment LLC

  • Category: Air & Coal Flow Measurement
  • Name: Airflow Sciences Equipment LLC, US
  • Products : Manual & Automated Air & Coal Flow Measurement Systems.
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Principal Details:

In 1975, Airflow Science founders applied aerospace analysis techniques to solve flow problems for a variety of industrial customers. Airflow Science continues to solve clients' engineering problems involving the flow of fluids - gases, liquids, or both - in and around a wide variety of equipment and products.

Airflow Sciences Equipment offers several products for coal pipe testing for efficient measurement of PA & PF Flow

Automated Systems
• ISO 9931 Measurement System with Automated Probe Actuation™
• Advanced Coal Flow Measurement (ACFM™) System

Standard Equipment
• ISO 9931 Measurement System
• ASME PTC 4.2 Coal Sampling System
• Dirty Air Probe (DAP) Test System
• Clean Air Pitot Probe / S-Type Pitot

Duct Flow Measurement Test Equipment
• 3DDAS - 3D Flow Testing (EPA Method 2F)

Accurate Online Air Flow Measurement and Monitoring
• Air Flow GuardianTM