Boiler Access

Quick Erect System

Uniquely designed, the Instant ‘quick erect’ Boiler Access System provides the ultimate fast- assembly solution for boiler maintenance. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, the system is up to 80% lighter than steel systems. With fewer components to handle, downtime, labour and transport costs are significantly reduced.

The system is erected using two basic Components- instant Snap-Out tower modules and instant Spandeck. Bridging units. Using a Combination of these two components, a full system can be erected of these two components, a full system can be erected in as little as 30 hours.

In use in power generation plants worldwide, the system is designed with a minimum safety factor of 4 and complies with international safety standards for design, manufacture and quality.

Why choose Instant Boiler Access?

• Significant revenue saving with less down-time and lower fixed costs
• Fast Erection- a 500MW boiler installation can be completed in 30 hours
• High Durability – no special cleaning or maintenance required
• Lightweight – weight as little as one fifth of an equivalent steel system.
• Simple Installation – no welding or tools required.
• Engineering support from design through to installation
• Buy or Rent finance models available.
• Five Year Warranty.
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